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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Is an Electric Car Less Expensive in the Long Run?

It's quite the conundrum: electric cars typically cost more than a traditional gasoline-fueled car, but they promise fuel savings over the long run. So how do you know you're actually saving money with an electric...

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Best Used Cars to Buy in 2016

Shopping for a new-to-you car can be overwhelming. Between form and function, safety standards, out-the-door pricing, and shopping for insurance, it's no small task bringing home your next vehicle. To help you with your...

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All You Need to Know About Insurance Fraud

In January, 2016, four individuals working in Ohio were charged with and plead guilty to committing insurance fraud against Ohio's Workers' Compensation system. In February, 2016, a Florida woman was arrested for the ...

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Insuring Man’s Best Friend: A Guide to Pet Insurance

Your pet is there for you through the good times and bad, so shouldn't you be there for them, too? As much as you hope you'll never be faced with a sick or injured pet, when it does happens it can be devastating if you...

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Questions to Ask Yourself before Buying Car Rental Insurance

Every time you rent a car, you have the option of purchasing rental car insurance. Whether it's worth it to purchase the additional coverage depends on many factors. Ask yourself the following questions the next time...

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