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10 Home and Auto Discounts You May Not Realize You Qualify For

Are You Eligible for These Obscure Insurance Discounts?

You are probably well aware of some of the most popular home and auto insurance discounts, like the student discount and the good driver discount, but did you know there are several other discounts you may be missing out on?

Here are 10 discounts that aren’t as well-known, but could be saving you a significant amount on your insurance premiums.

1. Low Mileage Discount

Although this discount may vary from company to company, most insurance companies will offer you a lower premium if you drive less than a set mileage per month or per year. This is an excellent discount to check on if you don’t drive much, such as if you have a short commute. There’s a good chance you may qualify.

2. Distant Student Discount

You may qualify for this discount if you have a child on your auto insurance policy attending college more than a certain number of miles away from your home. Typically, they must be a full-time student, attending a school over 100 miles from home, and not driving a car while at school.

3. Defensive Driving Discount

Some auto insurance companies may offer a discount for anyone who has completed a defensive driving course or attended an accident prevention class. This obscure discount has the potential to save you up to 10% on your premium, making it worth checking with your insurance company to see if they offer it.

4. Anti-Lock Brakes Discount

If your car has anti-lock brakes or even an anti-theft device, you may qualify for a discount on your insurance rates. One of these safety features helps decrease the likelihood of a crash, and the other makes your car less likely to be targeted by car thieves, the reduction of which makes your insurance company less likely to have to pay out on an insurance claim.

5. Low-Income Discount

While this isn’t technically a discount, it may be a way to save on your car insurance that you’ve never considered before. Many states offer their own version of low-cost liability insurance that just covers the basics, but is only available for people within certain income parameters. Check with your state to find out if you are eligible for a low-cost insurance plan.

6. Affiliation Discount

Your place of work may actually help you save money on your car or home insurance. Check with your HR department to see if your company is affiliated with any insurance companies. If it is, these companies will likely offer you a significantly discounted rate if you choose to insure with them.  

7. Improved Credit Score Discount

Although it’s not necessarily an advertised discount, your credit score does factor into your insurance rates. Focus on improving your credit score, and you’ll likely see the rates drop for many payments you make regularly, especially for your home and auto insurance.

8. Home Safety Discount

While installing a security system on your home is an excellent idea, it may also save you some money on your home insurance. The same is true of sprinkler systems, fire alarms, and really anything else that makes your home safer. Taking the steps to protect your investment pays off.

9. Fire Hydrant Discount

Do you live near a fire hydrant? Make sure your insurance company knows if you haven’t already told them. Your proximity to a fire hydrant may actually help decrease the cost of your home insurance premiums.

10. Fire Department Discount

It’s not something you can control once you’ve bought your house, but living in a town with a professional fire department as opposed to a volunteer fire department may actually save you some money. This likely isn’t a discount you can claim, but is surely reflected in the suggested cost of insurance for a home in your area.

Take Advantage of Every Discount

Are you already taking advantage of these obscure insurance discounts? If you’re not, be sure to contact your insurance agent and ask about them. You may find yourself a few dollars richer next month if you do.


At Insurance Center Associates, we pride ourselves on helping our customers get insurance discounts. For more information about getting the best value on your insurance, contact us today!