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Commercial Liability Insurance: A Must-Have for Your Business


Whether you operate a small business with a handful of employees, or you’re a conglomerate with an army of workers, you need commercial liability insurance.

What is Commercial Liability Insurance?

Basically, commercial liability insurance protects you from costly litigation stemming from claims of negligence or harm. This could be if someone slips and falls at your place of business, or if one of your products has a defect and injures a customer.

The following are the three major types of commercial liability insurance:

  • General Liability Insurance: The most crucial liability insurance for your business. It covers injury claims, property damage, and advertising claims.
  • Professional Liability Insurance: Protects you against malpractice, errors, omissions, and negligence.
  • Product Liability Insurance: Covers you if a customer is injured after using your product.

Why Every Business Needs Commercial Liability Insurance

No matter the size of your company, with the way our society has become sue-happy it’s really just a matter of time before you’re faced with a lawsuit. If you’ve got a traditional brick-and-mortar business, then you need commercial liability insurance for slips and falls and other forms of personal injury. Even if you conduct all your business online, you need protection in case a faulty product injures one of your customers.

Commercial Liability Insurance is more affordable than you’d think—depending on your business needs, annual premiums go from $750 to $2,000. If you consider that a single lawsuit could cost you thousands, even millions, commercial liability insurance really is a bargain.

Contact Insurance Center Associates today, and find out how we can help you find the best commercial liability insurance available.


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