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Saying “I Do”- The Effect on Your Premiums

Saying “I Do”- The Effect on Your Premiums


Believe it or not, marrying someone with a bad driving record can actually affect the premiums that you pay. When we get married, a lot about coverage needs is going to change, and that is to be expected. That being said, a lot of people are taken off guard when they run into higher premiums after getting married.


Essentially, premiums are determined by “risk factors” that are present in a person’s life. Things like the kind of car you drive, driving record, age, and more all factor into the final price each month. When you marry someone with a bad driving record, they essentially share some of their risk with you.


There are some ways to mitigate these higher premiums, however. It is recommended that you look for discounts wherever possible. May providers will be able to offer you discounts for a variety of things, including your own excellent driving record.


You also may be able to lower your premiums by raising your deductible up a bit. It is up to you to determine whether it is going to be worth it, but this is another way that you can influence the outcome to be more manageable overall.


Simply put- you can expect a lot of things to change when you are married. Some changes will be positive, while some might not be as appreciated. However, by being aware of these changes ahead of time, you should be able to better prepare in order to make the best of any given situation.