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5 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Car

To some people, cars are mindless slave machines that exist to serve. To others, their cars are their babies--they have names and personalities and are the center of their owner's life. Regardless of your own personal attitude toward your car, chances are, you want to make it last--because, dang, those things are expensive! Here are five tips to get the most use out of your car.

Regular Checkups

You may not be a mechanic yourself, but somewhere out there, there is one you can trust. Before your car even has problems, find the one that you know you can bring it to when problems do arise. By taking it to the same place for every check-up and issue, the mechanics will be able to get to know your car well.

Home Inspection

Your car is your baby. You want to make sure you know when your car is sick before it’s even sick. Perform you’re your own inspections at home often so that you can recognize a problem before it becomes serious.

Drive Less

Create good driving habits that will preserve your brakes and engine. Try not to needlessly rev your engine or slam on the brakes too hard. Short trips can also take a toll on your car, so if your destination is within walking distance, choose that option.

Keep it Clean

It’s amazing how much of a transformation a simple cleaning can do. Take it through the car wash every now and then and don’t forget to vacuum the inside.

Cover Up

Whenever you have the chance, take cover in the shade and try to park far away from other vehicles. By avoiding the sun and any potential damage, you will be able to enjoy more years with your car.


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