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Health Care Whiplash

Confused as to whether or not your current Health plan will be cancelled or not ? The pendulum has swung back and forth so much over the last two weeks that most of us have been left with whiplash! Here's the short...

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HealthCare Changes Again!

Late last week, President Obama announced a "fix" to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that would allow individual policyholders to retain their current health care coverage. A number of current products are already...

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Creating an Emergency Preparedness Kit

There's nothing scarier than being caught in an emergency unprepared - especially when you are all alone and in the middle of nowhere. Knowing how fickle cars can be sometimes, it could happen to you at any time, no...

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Save Energy = Save Money

As the title might suggest, an easy way to help save you money simply involves using less energy. While you can still enjoy the benefits of modern conveniences, doing so in an energy-conscious fashion will make that...

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