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Springtime Migration to the Lakes and Campgrounds

Springtime Migration to the Lakes and Campgrounds 


Springtime is a reawakening for mankind. It’s the time of year when people can be seen poking their noses out of their front doors, taking a big whiff of warm air, and taking a step back into their favorite natural habitats. They can be spotted in the droves, with boats, RVs, and four wheelers in tow. Slowly, they migrate their way back to the lakes and campgrounds they call home.

Fortunately, in several places, these two environments lie next to each other, attracting a lot of great attention. The following are a few of the more popular campgrounds attracting boaters due to their close proximity to a lake.

Parado Regional Park

Parado is a campsite near Corona, CA. It’s located right next to the appropriately labled Prado Park Lake. This campsite covers 2,280 acres of land. Parado campsite is home to 75 places to park an RV and 15 spots to pitch a tent. Smaller watercraft is allowed to thrive in these lakes, i.e. canoes and kayaks. Gas motor boats and inflatables are not allowed. They are safely captured and removed from the lake when found.

Hesperia Lake Campground

Beaches aren’t the only paces mankind is visiting in Southern California. Hesperia Lake is located right in the middle of a desert area. Here you can find up to 52 RVs parked (never longer than 40 feet in length). The lake is strictly boat free, but it offers the luxury of fishing for trout, catfish, and sturgeon. All the people need to do is pay a fishing fee to start their hunt.

Santee Lakes Recreation Preserve

The largest of the three natural habitats, this preserve offers campers the choice of seven different lakes. Located only 16 miles from San Diego, the preserve is home to 300 full hookup sites for RVs with 50 amp of electricity. The lake is plentiful in catfish and rainbow trait. Pedal boats, canoes, rowboats, and kayaks are some of the vehicles of choice to obtain these delicious entrees for yourself.

These and many campgrounds like them are now accepting campers that are looking to get back to nature after a long, cold winter. Springtime is a reawakening. If you feel the campgrounds and lakes beckoning you, answer the call with your equipment.

Insurance Center Associates will help you protect your boats, RVs, and four wheelers. Give us a call to receive a free quote on insuring your expensive equipment before you respond to the call of the wild. 


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