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6 Reasons You Should Bike To Work


Imagine not having to fill up your car’s gas tank every week. Think about the time you’d save by not sitting in hours of traffic every morning. Consider the joy you’d experience by not circling the parking lot frantically searching for the best spot. By biking to work you’ll never have to worry about these common car problems again.

With more than 204 million personal cars on the road today, it’s time to seriously consider the benefits of trading in your four wheels for two: by biking to work, not only will your health improve but you’ll also provide the environment with a much needed boost. Here are 6 reasons why you should be biking to work.

1.     You’ll Save Money

Owning and maintaining a car costs an average of nearly $9,000 per year. Keeping your bike in good shape costs just $308 per year. With bikes costing nearly 30 times less than cars, you could save an immense amount of money.

2.     You’ll Reduce Stress

Research has proven that cycling to work helps to reduce stress. The New Economics Foundation reports that bike commuters have reported a much lower stress level than coworkers who get to work via cars or public transit. Furthermore, the Victoria Transport Policy Institute claims that those who ride bikes to work enjoy their commute more than those who drive cars.

3.     You’ll Get A Free Work Out

Most bicycle commuters lose more than 13 pounds during their first year of cycling. This means you don’t have to hit the gym after a long car ride home or pay hundreds in gym memberships just to stay in shape. As one of the most effective cardiovascular exercises, biking is great for your heart but it’s also easy on joints like knees and hips.

4.     You’ll Capitalize on The Best Time For Biking

Every year for the past five years, the federal government has funded more than 3,000 projects per year that have supports things like bike lanes, bike paths and more. Right now is the best possible time to start commuting via bike because accommodations for cyclists have improved considerably.

5.     You’ll Prevent Harmful Exhaust Inhalation

Contrary to popular belief, you actually inhale more harmful exhaust while in your car than on your bike. Your car acts as a trap for emissions exhaust, causing you to practically suck fumes out of the tailpipe ahead of you, whereas bikers and walkers remain on the outskirts of these harmful substances.

6.     You’ll Improve the Economy

Cyclists benefit the economy on both a small and large scale. The city of Copenhagen – the poster child for cycling benefits – reported that bike commuters generated savings on nearly every economic level like lowered transportation costs, security, branding and tourism, traffic infrastructure and public health and much more.

Even if bicycling isn’t your preferred method of transportation, you still have the option of switching to two wheels and reaping great benefits. By riding a motorcycle or scooter, you can more than double your fuel efficiency, parking is a breeze, you lessen your carbon footprint, you’re allowed to ride in traffic-free HOV lanes and much more.

Whether you opt for a bike or a motorcycle, it’s important for your health and the health of the economy that you trade in those four wheels for two. Visit Insurance Center Associates today and let us provide you with the best possible insurance coverage, no matter what mode of transportation you choose.