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Be Happy and Stay Healthy!

Americans stress. It’s in our blood. There’s no escaping the buildup of stress. Go to any major city in the country and you’ll see it evidenced in the way people weave dangerously in traffic late to work. Stress turns us into selfish, unfriendly people that run ourselves down: increasing our chance for heart disease. Although we cannot always keep from stressing out, we can learn to calm ourselves down. Here are a few proven tips that will help you remove the stress from your life.


Whether you prefer to play sports, go to the gym or do Zumba, find a way to get active at least three times a week. Consistently exercising releases endorphins that produce a feeling of well-being. It also reduces bottled up emotions, increases your energy level and makes you a happier person in general.


Find a way to lighten the mood in a situation. Make a joke. Listen to your favorite comedian. Find a way to relieve your built up tension by laughing.

Listen to Music

Find a band or music style that soothes you. Classical music is very good for calming you down and focusing your attention. Jazz can also be soothing for a lot of people. These genres might not be right for you though. Try listening to your favorite music, and then try out other types if that doesn’t work. Music is one of the most powerful influences to your mood there is. Learn to use it to accomplish your goals.


No seriously, eat foods that are high in tryptophan. Tryptophan is an amino acid that helps moderate your Serotonin levels, calming you down. Foods that have Tryptophan include nuts, cheese, turkey, chicken and soybeans. Pizza, ice cream and chocolate are always good choices to help you distress during a particularly rough day.

Try a one or two of these out the next time you get stressed and discover a happier life filled with laughter, good memories and better relationships with your friends and family.