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Top Distractions for Drivers

Top Distractions for Drivers


We all know how to be good drivers. If you think about your Drivers’ Ed classes, you can probably remember how to properly place your hands and focus on the road in front of you.  It is easy to get lazy with the proper way to drive and may people start to introduce distractions into their car. Distractions can be dangerous, but some are more dangerous than others. Stay away from these distractions to make sure that you are able to watch the road and keep yourself safe…


  1. Texting – Texting is the cause of a large number of traffic deaths in the United States every year.  It is important that you put your phone down and wait to text until you are out of your car.
  2. Talking on the phone – Even talking on your hands free device has proven to be dangerous. The mental energy that is used when you are talking on the phone will take away from your ability to be able to drive safely.
  3. Talking with passengers – Passengers can be some of the worst distractors in a car.  When you are driving with a group of friends, it is important that they understand that your focus will need to be on the road.
  4. Eating and Drinking – While eating and drinking, many drivers end up steering their car with their knee. When you don’t have both of your hands free to react to any traffic incident, your chances of getting in an accident are much higher.


The next time that you are on the road, it is important that you understand how you are going to focus on the road. It may sound basic, even juvenile, but you can save your life, the life of others or even prevent damage to your car if you are willing to avoid distractions while driving.