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Protect Your Property with These 5 Simple Spring Cleaning Tips

5 Spring Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Property in Tip-Top Shape

Springtime presents a great opportunity to deep-clean your house. Not only is the weather warming up, giving you extra energy and motivation, but a lot of grit and grime can accumulate over Winter. Spring is all about starting anew, so why not breath some new life into your home?

Here are 5 simple things you can do to get your house ready for the warmer months ahead and prevent several major, costly problems from arising in the future.

1. Clear Out the Gutters

Regular cleaning of the gutters on your home is essential to helping prevent water damage. During the harsh winter weather, leaves and other debris are more likely to build up in your gutters, causing them to back up and overflow in unwanted locations, leaving your house more susceptible to mold and water problems. Take the time to give your gutters a thorough cleaning at least twice a year, in the fall and again in the springtime, to keep them functioning properly and moving water away from your home.

2. Clean the Dryer Lint Hose

An important, albeit often overlooked, element of your home is the dryer lint hose; even with a functioning lint trap in your dryer, lint can easily get through and build up in the hose. This buildup can lead to a variety of problems, including an increase in your gas or energy bills since a clogged hose causes your dryer to work less efficiently. In addition, buildup in the dryer lint hose is a fire hazard. Consider making cleaning this line a part of your spring cleaning routine each year to ensure it’s done at least once a year to reduce your risk of problems.


3. Replace or Clean HVAC Filters

It’s important to make sure you’re cleaning or replacing HVAC filters at least every three months to help keep your system working better and to prevent any avoidable damage and problems from occurring, and what better time to replace them than when you’re spring cleaning your home? In addition to replacing these filters regularly, consider having an HVAC professional out to service your HVAC system in the fall, and again in the springtime, to ensure both your furnace and air conditioning units are functioning properly.

Regularly changing the filter and having this preventative service performed will help you catch minor problems before they become major, and decrease your chances of having your HVAC system go out in the height of the hot or cold seasons.

4. Give the Water Heater a Once-over

Your water heater is another large home appliance you’ll want to service at least once a year, and after a winter of constant use, the springtime is an excellent time to do this. Check the valves, pipes, and tank of your water heater for any visible damage, including leaks, corrosion, or anything that looks out of place. It’s also a good idea to flush your water heater at this time to help clear the tank and lines of any build up, an action that will help maintain and extend the life of your water heater.

5. Service Fire Extinguishers

First thing’s first—make sure you have at least one working fire extinguisher in your home, preferably in the kitchen, since this is the most likely place for a fire to start. Fire extinguishers should be serviced once a year to make sure they’re working properly, at which time the nozzle, hose, and gauge should be checked to ensure they’re undamaged and the gauge is staying within the green range.

Insurance Center Associates Can Help

At Insurance Center Associates, we understand how important the safety of your home is to you, and we want to make sure you’re covered in the event of a problem. With the help of these 5 spring cleaning insurance tips, your home will be a much safer place and less prone to avoidable damage and issues.


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