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3 Tips to Stay away from Distracted Driving

Distracted driving, texting while driving

Driving when you are distracted can be very dangerous, but in the modern world, the distractions we face are countless.   This might cause us to wonder if it’s even possible to give our full and undivided attention to the road.

Although it can be difficult to avoid every possible distraction on the road, there are several that you can easily remove.

Listed below are some of the biggest distractions to drivers and tips for avoiding them.

Hide Your Cell Phone

Texting and taking phone calls while driving is one of the biggest modern day distractions for drivers. But, this is also one of the easiest to avoid while you are in the car.

Before you start your car, put your phone somewhere beyond your reach and line of sight, then leave it there until you have reached your destination. You could put it in a bag in your trunk or the pocket of a jacket resting on your back seat. If you think hearing your phone will distract you, mute it until you can safely check for messages. If there is an emergency requiring that you use your phone, pull over to the side of the road. Otherwise, don’t touch or look at your phone while you are driving.

Start Up Your Navigation System Before You Leave

GPS has made navigation simpler than ever before, but using your GPS while you drive can be a huge distraction.

To avoid this, enter the address of your destination before you commence driving.  This will ensure that you are not distracted by buttons and screens as you drive. Some of the newer models now come with navigation systems that will only allow data entry while the vehicle is parked.

Keep the Radio at a Moderate Volume

Music can be a great tool to help you stay awake and on task while you drive, but if it is too loud, it can become a distraction rather than helpful entertainment. 

As you drive, keep your radio at a volume that does not drown out the sounds of the road.  Your ears are there to help you recognize sirens, horns, and other traffic related sounds, but if your music is too loud, you might miss an early warning and end up in an otherwise avoidable accident.

Staying safe on the road means avoiding distractions and these tips should help you on your way.  Contact Insurance Center Associates today for more great tips on how to protect yourself and your car while you drive!