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Reasons Why Car Insurance for Your Teen Driver Costs More

Getting a driver's license is a rite of passage for most teens. But for parents who have to start thinking about insuring a new driver, the increase in price can be difficult to understand. At Insurance Center Associates, we want you to understand the things that can affect the price of your policy.

Cost Factors for Car Insurance Premiums in Torrance

New drivers cost more to insure and there are many reasons for that. Here are a few of these reasons why it costs more to add an inexperienced driver to your policy:

  • New drivers have little to no experience behind the wheel, which means insurance companies don’t have enough past driving history to base the rates on.

  • Inexperienced drivers react differently behind the wheel of a car than someone who has been driving for years. Because of this, younger drivers often have higher car insurance rates in Torrance. For example, during wet conditions, experienced drivers are more likely to react the correct way if their vehicle starts to hydroplane, as opposed to newer drivers who may react in a way that causes them to lose control.  

  • Distracted driving is a big problem and especially so for younger, more inexperienced drivers. Cell phones, text messages, phone calls, talking to people in the car, eating, drinking, and even changing radio stations can distract drivers, which can lead to accidents. Encourage new drivers to focus when they get behind the wheel.

  • Inexperienced drivers are more likely to drive recklessly and engage in reckless behavior behind the wheel. Most young drivers might not even realize they are being reckless. Talk with your teen about what reckless driving means so they understand and can make changes to how they act when they get in the car.

These are just a few of the reasons why car insurance in Torrance is more expensive for younger drivers. In addition to the driver’s education most teens are required to take, talk with your teens about being safe behind the wheel. Help them understand that following the law and being more aware while they are in the car can mean the difference between life and death.

Car insurance is a necessary part of life, no matter how long you’ve been driving. Finding the right policy for your family can seem difficult but that’s where Insurance Center Associates comes in. Contact us and we can help demystify the insurance process and make car insurance in Torrance easy to understand.