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Keeping Your Family Safe This Summer

Helpful Tips for Keeping Your Family Safe This Summer

Summer is such a wonderful time of year to enjoy with the family; the kids are on summer break, the warm weather beckons you outside, and the activities are virtually endless. Unfortunately, however, summer fun does not come without risks. As fun as they can be, activities like hiking, biking, boating, swimming, ATVing, and camping can often come with a slew of hazards that you may not think about.

Instead of letting potential dangers prevent you from making the most of summer with your family, check out these five tips on how you can take added precautions and keep yourself, your children, and your friends safe all season long.

  1. Beat the Heat

Heat strokes are one of the most common risks during hot summer months. While those who are on-the-job and can’t always take a break are at the greatest risk, elderly people and even healthy, young individuals can still suffer the consequences if they don’t know when to stop. Heat strokes can occur while hiking in a hot climate, when overexerting yourself during an ATV ride, and during other physically-intense activities where heat is a major factor. Signs of a heat stroke include:

  • Cramping in the legs

  • Red, hot, dry skin

  • Rapid pulse

  • Throbbing headache

  • Confusion

  • Dizziness

  • Profuse sweating

  • Nausea


If you or a family member present these symptoms, it’s critical that you cool off and drink hydrating fluids until the symptoms subside. Without taking a break and drinking plenty of water, you risk worsening these symptoms.

  1. Win at Water Safety

An average of nine people die from drowning every day, and that doesn’t include numbers related to boating incidents. Keep these quick tips in mind next time you’re around water with your family:

  • Never leave children unattended, even for a split second

  • An adult should always be within arms reach of beginner swimmers and children under 5-years-old

  • Never swim alone, even if you’re an expert swimmer

  • When you’re in or around water, designate someone as the “watchdog” who keeps a constant eye out for any dangers or risks to distracted swimmers

If you own a pool, consider installing a four-foot-high fence around the parameter. Gates should open out from the pool, be self-close and self-latch at a height children cannot easily reach. Keep rescue equipment and a portable phone near the pool at all times.  

  1. Be Boat-Smart

Learning to swim is critical to being safe on the water. Just like at the pool, accidents can happen while using watercraft, and falling into the water can happen to anyone. Even if there are expert swimmers on board, everyone should wear a lifejacket. Additional tips for boating safety include:

  • Leave alcohol on shore.

  • Know the forecast before you get out on the water, and navigate to shore as quickly as possible in the event of a storm.

  • Always tell someone who is staying on shore the details of your trip. Let them know who is on board, where you’ll be going, and about how long you plan to be gone.

  • Always keep a watchful eye on children, regardless of how well they can swim or if they are in life jackets.

  • Operate at safe speeds during all times and steer clear of other vessels.

  • Ensure that more than one person aboard knows all the aspects of handling and operating the boat.

  1. Staying Alert on ATVs

Riding all-terrain vehicles is another fun summer activity that comes with its own risks. Before you hit the trails, review this safety checklist:

  • Never ride alone

  • Ensure the ATVs you and your family ride fit within your skill and strength levels

  • Only ride trails within your capacity

  • Avoid public roads

  • Make proper gear a priority: helmet, goggles, gloves, long pants and sleeves, and over-the-ankle boots

  • Stay alert

  • Never take more passengers than the ATV is designed for

  • Don’t leave riders under 16-years-old unsupervised

  1. Be Insured

Having insurance is one of the most important measures to take when it comes to keeping your family safe this summer. Contact Insurance Center Associates today, to make sure all of your summer toys, and your loved ones, are properly protected.