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Car Accidents: What to do in the Aftermath

You have just been in a car accident, whether it was a simple fender bender or a massive accident it is important that you know what needs to be done. Do you know how to react to prevent further injury? Do you know how to reduce costs? Do you know who to contact? Here are some tips on what you can do to prepare for the aftermath of a car accident:

Emergency Kit

Make sure you keep an emergency kit in the glove compartment. Your emergency kit should include: pen, paper, disposable camera, medical information on note cards, a flashlight, batteries, Band-Aids, antiseptic, a fold out blanket or poncho, water, and snacks.

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The Car

If you have been in a car accident and only suffered minor to no injuries you should help move any cars that were involved to the side of the road.  If you, and others, are not able to move the cars you should remain inside with your seatbelts fastened. Be sure to turn on the hazard lights and wait until help arrives.

Call the Police

If there is significant injury, death, or damage done during an accident you have to call the police. They will file a police report and help you with the necessary steps.

Information Exchange

After an accident you need to exchange information with anyone else who was involved in the accident. Here is the information you should exchange:

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Phone number
  4. Insurance company
  5. Policy number
  6. Driver license number
  7. License plate number
  8. A written description of each car involved (year, make, model, and color)

Document and Photograph

Take pictures of the damage and show every angle so that you can make your case to the claims adjuster.

File a Report

Drivers should file a state vehicle accident report to help insurance companies speed up the claims process. The report can be found at a police station and the Department of Motor Vehicles Web site as a downloadable file.

Know Your Insurance Information

The insurance process will be much easier if you know the details of your insurance coverage.