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Insurance Center Associates Blog

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Service How and When you Want

We strive to provide service how and when you want it.   We love servicing your needs, so we’re open extended hours, Saturdays till noon, and evenings by appointment.    But there’s more

Website – Check out our updated website ( for great information including:

Mobile site

  • Our Mobile site works on any data enabled phone with NO APP!
  • It’s packed with great info on what you need when you’re on the go.
    • What to do in case of an accident,
    • Links & #’s for Claim & Payments
    • FAQ’s, Initiate on-line chat & more!
  • Simply bookmark the site to your phone’s home screen or browser for easy access!
  • It is NOT an app so does not take up your valuable space!

Of course we are also available via phone,  e-mail, fax, and we always enjoy seeing you in person at one of two locations!     

We’ve even made it easier to do business with us via a new e-signature process, where you can e-sign your application via e-mail or your smart phone!

We plan to send out a short e-mail each quarter with some useful information and tips.  And of course, be sure to check out our blog, and facebook pages.   We have a lot of great useful information.