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Workers’ Comp

Workers’ Comp

If you employee people, you want Workers’ Comp. People on your property—or under your employee—are your responsibility. That means if they are injured in any manner while working on site, they have the right to sue you for negligence. The law suits that follow can be crippling financial burdens to your business.

Workers’ Comp provides wage replacement and medical benefits to your injured employees. In exchange for these monetary benefits, the employee trades away his right to sue you for any amount of injury that comes upon him in the workplace. Providing that you are expected to take care of them in these situations anyways, having Workers’ Comp just makes sense. It reduces the total amount of money you would have to pay out for a law suit and keeps payments affordable for the company.

It’s a no brainer for construction sites to have Workers’ Comp. Working with heavy equipment in precarious situations makes it obvious to decide to cover their employees. What people often don’t think about is covering their in-office employees. For some reason, typing 8 hours a day at a computer doesn’t sound all that dangerous. And to be fair, it’s not. The likelihood of you hurting yourself in an office job is very slim. It still exists though. People standing on stools, counters, or desks for any reason could fall and seriously injure themselves. These kinds of accidents still happen in the safest work environments, and they always happen when you’re least expecting in.

Plans differ depending on where you live and what court system covers you, there is always variability in the types of insurances available. Check with a local expert to find out what your options are. Get Workers’ Comp for every employee. It’s best to have peace of mind now rather than being sorry later.


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