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Holiday Safety for Your Kids

As the Holiday season rolls around, you may find yourself preparing for the excitement of the days to come in a variety of different ways.  But as you prepare for a fun and full holiday season, don’t forget to keep your children (and yourself) safe! There are many things you can do to keep your holiday season as bright—and injury free—as possible, so keep these few tips in mind!

  1. Remember tree safety! Christmas trees are one of the most beautiful parts of the season, and keeping them well-watered (if they are fresh) and well-wired (if they are artificial) can help you to ensure that your family has a safe and wonderful holiday season.  When your tree is safe, you can keep a beautiful, festive, and safe holiday season!
  2. Your decorations should also be selected with care! As you search for the perfect decorations and theme for your home, you should look for decorations that look amazing, and are flame resistant.  The dangers of flame are particularly imminent when you combine tree branches with electrical lights, making Christmas trees the perfect combination for fire hazards!
  3. And as Christmas is a time for giving, make sure the toys you give are appropriate for the children who receive them! Keeping toys safe will help you to create the best possible Christmas, with the least possible trouble.

As you get more and more excited for this holiday season, remember to keep your family’s safety in mind.  Have fun, and enjoy the wonderful season we are in!


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