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How to Run a Business from Home

With the invention of the Internet, the possibility of running your own business has become more and more available to people all across the country. And one of the best steps forward for these businesses is that now...

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Tips for Staying Healthy This Autumn

Autumn is a beautiful season. Things start cooling down from the hot muggy days of summer, and the changing colors can be simply stunning. With the changing season, many of us also have a shift in routine. The shorter...

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Why Secondhand Smoke Is So Dangerous

We've known about the dangers of secondhand smoke for several decades now. Because of the ubiquitous anti-smoking ads you see on TV and billboards, secondhand smoke can sometimes be overlooked. It's probably a good idea...

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Parents: Keep In Mind These Back to School Health Tips

School is already back in session, but it's not too late to talk about helping your child stay healthy and prepared to learn each day. To ensure your child makes the most of her day, consider these back to school health...

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