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Simple Road Rules to Keep Your New Teen Driver Safe


Letting your teenagers venture out into the world of driving can be scary. When you have a teenager that is a new driver, you may want to sit down with him or her and discuss how to stay safe on the road. These principles can help your teenager stay safe.

  1. Drive alone or with an adult throughout the first six months. It will help your young driver learn to focus on the road and navigate new areas and new roads safely. Avoiding distractions is a great way to stay safer while driving.
  2. Make sure that your young driver is not driving between the hours of 10pm and 5am.  Fatigue and unsafe drivers on the road can make it difficult to drive safely.
  3. Make sure that your teenager is always wearing his or her seat belt. In 2009 alone 13,000 lives were saved by seat belts. Whenever you are with your child you should be sure that you are wearing your seat belt and setting a good example for your child.
  4. Talk about the importance of not drinking and driving. Make a plan with your child so you can be sure that your child has someone to call if they find themselves in a precarious situation.

Be wise about the way that you are going to sit down with your teenager before they head out and start driving. It may end up saving your child’s life.