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What are the Most Absurd Things to Insure?

What are the Most Absurd Things to Insure?


When we think of “insurance”, we typically think of protecting the important or valuable things in life, in order to make sure that they can be taken care of. In the vast majority of cases, insurance is pragmatic and prudent and truly invaluable in nature.


That being said, there are certainly going to be exceptions to every rule. As such, here are some of the things that people have insured which skirt the edge of practicality, and might just be a bit silly:


1-      Taste Buds. That’s right, famous British food critic Egon Ronay has insured his taste buds, citing that his opinion has direct impacts on the food industry.

2-      Legs. Mariah Carey’s legs  are insured for a whopping billion dollars.

3-      Voice. Bruce Springsteen insured his iconic voice for a staggering amount of money.

4-      Hair. Steelers safety Troy Polamalu has his famous 3 foot hair insured for a hefty sum- although appraisers are not sure of the conditions where it would lose its coverage.

5-      Breasts. Likewise, Dolly Parton’s famous breasts are insured for 600,000 dollars.

6-      Alien Abductions. For a mere 1 million dollars or more, you too can be insured against alien abduction, invasion, and general mischief.


You can insure everything these days, so we fully recommend insuring the important things in life. Life insurance and car insurance and home insurance are all highly important. However, we can always take some time to appreciate some of the coverage that is a little bit out there.