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8 Tips to Have a Safe and Memorable Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving there are more safety hazards to worry about than just cooking the turkey (although that is important, too). Here are a few tips to stay safe this year.

1. Stay in the Kitchen

Thanksgiving feast

If you’re cooking food, don’t even think about leaving the house or the kitchen. It’s better to keep your eyes on the food to ensure that it cooks to perfection – and to avoid any fire emergencies.

2. Keep Children Away

Young children should not be in the kitchen while hot foods are cooking in hot ovens and on hot stoves. They could accidentally burn themselves.

3. Cool Off Hot Foods

As much as you want to eat as soon as everything is done, let it cool off. Hot food and liquids can cause burns. Also, letting hot foods, especially meats, “rest” is a great way to ensure that all the moisture containing delicious flavors is reabsorbed.

4. Clean the Floor

As you’re hurrying to get everything done on time, make sure that your floor is clear. Keep kids, pets, and other distractions off of the floor so no injuries are caused by tripping.

5. Store Knives Safely

Children will touch anything shiny, even if it is also sharp. Make sure that after they are used, they are stored safely away from prying eyes.

6. Don’t Dangle Cords

With hot pots, plate warmers, mixers, coffee makers, and more all needing to be plugged in, dangling cords can often be forgotten. This can lead to a mess in the kitchen, a child pulling a dangling cord, or an appliance falling into the sink. Avoid these disasters by putting away appliances after they are used.

7. Hide Matches

If you’re planning on lighting candles for ambience, make sure to keep them, as well as the matches, far away from children. Hide matches in a high cabinet and blow out candles when you’re done using them.

8. Check Smoke Alarms

Before the big day, test all your smoke alarms by pressing the test button on them. If an alarm goes off, it works.

Follow these tips to make sure you remember this year’s Thanksgiving for years to come, for the right reasons!