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Valentine Bling


Americans Spend 15.7 billion dollars on Valentine’s Day gifts. Since getting / giving Jewelry is one most popular things, you may want to check your policy to see if you have coverage

If you buy or were the recipient of some great bling on Valentines know that most polices provide very limited Jewelry coverage anywhere between $1,500 to $3,000 total.   You can often add jewelry, watches, or other valuable items such as coins or stamp collections on a “agreed value” or replacement value. They may be insured either individually or as a group (blanket coverage). Talk with one of our service agents to discuss your current coverage(s). or simply adding on your new keepsake.

Options include:

  • Increasing the “blanket” limit.
  • Adding an endorsement enhancing coverage.
  • Adding a specific item on (scheduling) which includes theft, loss, or misplacement of a valuable item.


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