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Which Cars Get Stolen the Most?

One of the factors which everyone who has a car occasionally worries about is how likely their car is to get stolen. Every year, there are thousands upon thousands of thefts reported around the US. Car thieves have gotten better, in order to keep up with the constantly evolving security measures car companies implement.

At this moment, the vehicle which tops the lists is the Cadillac Escalade. This luxury SUV has a high presence in affluent suburbs and in the city, and is often a mark of prestige. Car thieves seem to favor this model quite a lot, because different makes and models of the Escalade top the lists several times over.

When it comes to normal sedans, cars with a lot of pickup and power and nice looking lines all are commonly stolen. The power available for these models makes them a tempting target to be prized for its abilities. Dodge Chargers and Nissan Maximas are commonly targeted in this group.

Last of all, trucks have a very high rate of being stolen. Large and powerful trucks such as F-250s and F-350s are often sought out, due to both their size and power and aesthetic.

Generally speaking, the most frequently stolen cars are going to be the flashiest ones with a lot of power, while still being commonly seen. Thieves avoid the more exotic high end vehicles due to the difficulties in stealing and unloading them, but the high end of the cars the general public will drive makes for tempting.