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What Is a Release of Liability Form?

Maybe you’ve heard the term “release of liability,” but aren’t sure what it is or if it applies to your situation. So what is a release of liability and is it something you need to be concerned about?

Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability

When it comes to your vehicle, a release of liability form is something you’re legally required to fill out if you sell your car. The form is officially titled “Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability” (NRL), and it notifies the DMV that you’ve transferred the ownership of your vehicle.

To fill out the form, you’ll need to include details about you and your vehicle (such as your address, car license plate number, and VIN), as well as the new owner’s name and address and the date of sale.

What Does Release of Liability Mean?

Now you know when you need to fill out a release of liability form, but what does release of liability really mean? By filling out this form, you’ll be protected in the case that the new owner gets in a car accident, receives a speeding ticket, or faces any other legal situations relating to the vehicle. You will no longer get notices relating to registration renewal for the sold car, either.

If you fail to fill out and submit this form, the DMV will assume you are still the owner of the vehicle. It will be up to the courts to decide whether you or the new owner must face the repercussions relating to a parking violation, speeding ticket, etc.

How Do You Fill Out the Release of Liability Form?

If you’re selling your vehicle, you can easily print out the release of liability form from our website. Have other concerns relating to the question, “What is a release of liability form?” Don’t hesitate to contact Insurance Center Associates. We’re happy to explain more about release of liability forms and how they work.