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Tips to Protect Your Car from Theft

If you want to make it easy for someone to steal your car, or the valuables inside your car, then you should NOT adhere to the following tips and advice:

Lock It

Keep your car locked every time you step away.

Park by a Light

Many thieves like to do their work in the dark of night, park by a light and you are less likely to have your car or valuables stolen.

Take Your Keys with You

Leaving the keys in your car is like hosting an all thieves open house.

Don’t leave it Running

Never leave your car running unless there is another adult in the car.

Close the Windows

Close your car windows or get ready to have things stolen from the inside of your car.

Make it Tough to Tow

Finding a prime parking spot that will be easy to get out of is fantastic for you, but also fantastic for people looking for easy cars to steal. Many try to steal cars by towing them away, make it tough for them to tow your car by parking with your wheels turned toward the curb. Turning your wheels to the side in a driveway or a parking lot means the car can only be towed from the front.

Broken window, car theft

Don’t Leave Valuables in Plain Sight

The biggest mistake car owners make is to leave valuables in plain sight like the front or passenger seat.

Use Your Emergency Break

Using the emergency brake also makes your car harder to tow.

Use Your Garage

Just remove the temptation all together by parking your car in the garage.