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Insurance: 16 Things to do Before You Die


One of the most important things that you can do in life is prepare for your death. While this may not be an entirely cheery proposition to consider, there is a lot to life which people need to take care of, in order to make sure that their loved ones that they leave behind are able to get through the experience in the easiest way possible.

Here is a list of things to take care of, in order to make the transition better for everyone:


1-      Take an inventory of your physical items worth more than 100 dollars.

2-      Take an inventory of your non-physical assets, such as your bank accounts and stocks and retirement funds and anything else of value.

3-      Create a list of your credit cards and of your debts.

4-      Make a list of the organizations which you belong.

5-      Get a copy of your assets list to your estate administrator.

6-      Comprehensively review your retirement accounts.

7-      Update your life insurance policy.

8-      Create a Transfer on Death arrangement to simplify the distribution of your assets.

9-      Name an Estate Administrator.

10-   Create a current will.

11-   Review and update all important documents.

12-   Get copies of your current will to your estate administrator.

13-   Get an Estate Attorney

14-   Create an Estate Plan documents.

15-   Simplify your life in any way possible.

16-   Take advantage of college funding accounts in order to help out your children with their education.


By attending to these things and getting your life in order well ahead of time, you can be assured that those you leave behind will be protected and cared for. This is an investment of your time and effort, but it is well worth it to take charge of as soon as possible!