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What Should Your Business Insurance Broker Do for You?

Are you looking for new or renewal business insurance in Torrance? Since there are many different carriers and plans for many different business situations, it’s important to work with an experienced business insurance broker who can find the best insurance mix for your unique business. lists the following elements a great insurance broker works with when you apply for coverage:

Assessing Risk

A great broker should help you find and cover more risks than just flood and fire. He or she should analyze your specific type of business and find the risks that are important to you, such as liabilities, workplace safety issues, or information technology risks. Some brokers will even recommend procedures to help you reduce or prevent losses.

Getting a Great Quote

After asking all the questions necessary to understand your unique business and your specific risks, a great broker will search through insurance policies for the best coverage for you. This might be a combination of different products to totally fulfill your needs. The important point is that your quote is customized for you alone.

Staying Up-to-Date On Your Business

A great broker will be like a partner, staying up-to-date with changes to your business to make sure you’re protected. For example, if an expansion requires you to hire more, your broker will find and present products to help you with personnel risks and liabilities, such as workers’ compensation insurance. So, be proactive in contacting your broker when anything changes.

Filing a Claim

Your broker’s goal during a claim filing should be to restore your business to the state it was in before the loss. This will be a difficult time, and your broker should help you with the sometimes strange procedures involved, including what may seem like unnecessary delays. He or she should give you all the updates you need during the whole process, letting you know the current state of your claim and the expected timeline to finish it. You can honestly tell your broker and insurer what you expect and ask for any additional resources you need.

Renewing Your Insurance

A great broker will keep in touch with you during your business year to make sure your coverage is still right for you. But when it’s time to renew your insurance, you might still want a meeting to talk about your current needs and any updates your broker should know about, like whatever your business has done in the last year, in order to identify any possible areas that might warrant new coverage. You might even just need small adjustments to your current policies.

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