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Tips for Your First Year at College

College can be a scary place. Make sure you are prepared for the adventure that lies ahead! 

College life is a much bigger adjustment than a lot of people take it for.  Not only are classes a lot harder than they were in high school, but the stress of living on your own can be quite overwhelming as well. There are so many things to plan for and keep track of that your first few months might drive you to rip your hair out.

Your hair is much too nice to receive such bad treatment though. Take a few of these tips down to help you stay ahead of the stress.


Finances are one of the top causes of financial stress in a marriage. It’s no different for the singles who don’t know how to keep a budget. They will often spend far more than they make and find out only afterwards that they can’t afford to pay for food/gas/rent. When you’re not on top of your finances all the time, you are more likely to make a mistake.

Don’t fall into the trap of “indifference” towards your finances. Make a budget and keep very close track of what you spend. Don’t be shy of the budget and manage your finances accordingly.

Like your roommates

Liking your roommates can be as simple as choosing to be friends. Do things for and with each other. Find commonalities with them and try to make the best of your relationships, even if your roommate seems difficult. Your roommate situation has the potential to make or break how happy you are at school. Choose to be happy. Choose to like your roommates.

Be active

Nothing relieves stress quite like exercise. Whether you take a class or exercise on your own, seek to exercise often to relieve stress and prepare your mind for the hefty mental exercise that is school work.

Stay at college for the weekend

Some freshmen like to go home for the weekends. This can vastly hurt one of the best parts about your freshman year: the social life. That in-and-of-itself can be an extremely great stress reliever. Stay at college for the weekends so you can build your friendships and relieve stress.

These four tips can help you better handle the first semester of college. You’ll find yourself happier and less stressed when you take them to heart.

photo credit: kcolwell via photopin cc


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