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4 Surprising Perks Of Hiring An Independent Insurance Agency

You have no plans to flood your basement, break your arm, or get in a car accident tomorrow—but unfortunately anyone could find herself in the midst of an unexpected emergency. You can’t control Mother Nature or those around you, but you can control what happens next.

With a good insurance agency on your side, getting through an emergency will be much easier. But what insurance agency should you choose? You already know about the giant, faceless corporations—but what can independent insurance agencies offer? Find out below:

1. Hire Someone Who Cares About Your Community

Independent insurance agencies are connected to your community. The agents have kids at the nearby elementary school, drive on local roads, and shop for Sunday dinner supplies at the same grocery stores as you do. Choosing an independent insurance agency lets you work with someone from your community—not a stranger on a telephone thousands of miles away.

2. Choose An Agency That Gives You Options

When you hire a big corporation, you only have one set of options. Independent insurance agents have the ability to represent 7 or 8 different companies. This means that if your house is robbed, your insurance agent can shop around for the best possible deal instead of leaving you stuck with the default corporate policy.

3. Get Personalized Service With Professional Expertise

Independent insurance agencies are small local businesses. You get the benefits of working with a person, face to face—but you also have access to the expertise and resources of a large agency.

4. Get An Unbiased Advocate

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When you choose a large corporation, your insurance agent works for that specific company. When you hire an independent insurance agent, that person works for you. Instead of looking out for the best interests of the company, an independent agent can look out for the best interest of the customer. They can shop around at different companies and find the perfect coverage for your situation.

You can’t prevent your next emergency, but you can be prepared. Choose an independent insurance agency to get local, personalized service and an unbiased advocate who can give you lots of different options.