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Business Income Properties


If Commercial or Rental Properties are a part of your investment portfolio, then you need to speak with us!

Apartments • 1-4 unit rentals • Commercial Property • General Liability

Not all Owners or buildings are alike. So neither are our policies!
We hand craft & customize a policy to fit YOUR needs.

Don’t burn away Money with high rates on Rental property Insurance! We are an Independent & Trusted Choice Agent that specializes in Income Property Insurance.

We offer the best Insurance for Apartment or Commercial Building owners around. With the changing marketplace you can count on our expertise, the availability of many reputable carriers, great low rates, along with enhanced coverages available – to let us shop for YOU. We’ll custom craft an “income property owner policy” that’s just right for your situation.

Our policies can include the following coverages – that not all companies may offer:

  1. Replacement Cost of the building and/or contents
  2. Extended coverage may be available up to 125% of replacement cost.
  3. $1,000,000 + not just in General Liability, but we also include Personal Injury Liability. Among other things, this will cover you and your properties for Tenant Discrimination and Wrongful Eviction Claims. Advertising & Tenant related liability claims are on the rise. We can help protect you against this exposure.
  4. Higher Liability limits are available and generally incredibly inexpensive – Ask Us!
  5. Umbrella policies are also available
  6. Loss Of Rents/Income Coverage for a minimum of 12 months or longer.
  7. Building Ordinance & Law coverages will provide money to rebuild your property based on current building codes and requirements like Sprinklers, Wiring, ADA, & plumbing, City, County & State codes change constantly and even a 2 year old building can incur huge cost increases to meet current code if only 25% of your building is damaged. The older your property the more essential this coverage becomes!
  8. Sewer Backup – Equipment Breakdown – Employee dishonesty
  9. Workers Compensation – Earthquake – Flood (available as separate policies)

Looking for discounts on Insurance for your Apartment complex, Commercial buildings or Income property? CALL US TODAY and Let us do the shopping and comparing for you.

We provide Discounts on your apartment building and rental property insurance including:

  • Multiple properties.
  • Apartment Association
  • Well Maintained
  • Smoke Free Buildings
  • Central Fire Alarm
  • Onsite manager/Professionally Managed
  • Properties that may have a “No Dog Policy”
  • Construction Dates after 1960.
  • Prior Insurance
  • Loss Free discount
  • Gated Complex
  • Security cameras
  • Sprinklers
  • Building updates in past 10 years
  • Properties with pride of ownership, and that are in growing or high demand rental areas.

Ask about our special Landlord Insurance Maximizer Program. Huge Savings & discounts can be obtained if we can combine several rental buildings (1 – 60 units each as an example ) onto one policy. The more the better. Ease of use… Better Coverage… Reduced Billing… and less headache – all while… Saving Loads of Money!

Has your rate gone up? Contact us and we’ll shop your Apartment Complex, or other Income Property Insurance. We can minimize the impact with some of the best Apartment Building & Rental insurance coverage & rates in the South Bay, West Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, San Fernando Valley, Orange County, Inland Empire, and San Diego.

Benefits of Going with us as your Income Property Specialist
– OR –
Has your Current Agent...

  1. Has your agent seen your property in the last few years? OR Will they take the time to go by your property to take a look to make sure it is adequately protected in the event of claim? We Do!!!

  2. Will they call you and make sure your market rents are current to reflect your policy ? Or make sure your building is keeping pace with RISING  building costs? We Do!!!

  3. Will they ask to make sure your policy conforms to dog liability coverages, tenant discrimination lawsuits, and advertising lawsuits that are being claimed by zealous tenants? We Do!!!

  4. Are they available after hours or weekends to help answer questions around your busy schedule? We Will!!!

  5. Do they represent more than one carrier? Or help tailor coverages and present options best suited for your needs from one company to the next? We Do!!!

  6. Do they make sure your trusts, liability limits, and all other relevant information is current to protect you in the event of a claim ?  We Will!!!

If you want to be more than just a check to your agent, and answered no to any of the above, please call us!!! Nobody likes “Taxation without Representation“ or in this case being made to feel like an annuity, when you can be leaving Great Service, money, and more importantly your financial security at risk! Get an Income Property quote from our team today.


Your new income property specialists!