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Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

As a business owner are you protected with an umbrella policy.

Many "small" losses can often quickly turn into a large loss. They can often take a long period of time to litigate and settle. Are you covered? What would be the impact to your business or ongoing operations? Do you have enough coverage?

Unfortunately a catastrophic loss can happen to most businesses, even the most vigilant business that take precautions.

A commercial umbrella policy is actually quite inexpensive and covers over and above your Business Auto, Business Liability and Business Property coverage limits to protect you against losses that exceed your base limit.

Here are some examples of actual losses:

Fire broke out in an apartment when a candle ignited bedding materials. Proper operation of the smoke detector is in question.$9,000,000
A tenant fell from a balcony at their residence.$1,375,000
A tenant fell in a six inch hole while walking his dog outside the building, leading to a neurogenic bladder condition.$5,600,000
Driving his own vehicle, an employee was making a delivery for his employer and turned left in front of a motorcycle who was thrown over the vehicle.$2,500,000
An employee driving a company vehicle swerved left to avoid hitting a braking vehicle and in turn struck another vehicle, causing a fatality.$4,000,000
A food distributor's truck hit a pick-up truck head-on resulting in a death$7,000,000
While insulating a pipe, a plumbing subcontractor’s hair got drawn into a pump, pulling him into it. He received second degree burns.$4,500,000
Cable installer hired an uninsured subcontractor who cut a gas line while digging. Gas leaked into a neighboring house which exploded. Home was destroyed and a resident was seriously burned.$3,200,000

We can insure all types of business. Be it single small office, a single sales person, to contractors, shopping centers, large wholesale operations and more.

No matter what you do, keeping your business in business is your priority and ours, so contact us todayfor a no-cost review and low-cost business umbrella insurance quote.

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Call on us– we can make it happen.

No matter if it's Commercial Umbrella, Business Auto, Work Comp, Commercial Property Insurance or Commercial Liability insurance, it's important to match your business needs to the right carrier and services. We have the carriers and expertise to do so. Find out why 75% of our commercial business comes from referrals. Call us or request a quote today.

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