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Umbrella Insurance

from Insurance Center Associates

Umbrella Insurance

Under-insuring yourself can cost big bucks. Once your Auto or Homeowners insurance coverage runs out, you are liable for any verdict/award over your coverage limit. That’s why we offer umbrella insurance.

What is an Umbrella Insurance Policy?

An Umbrella policy is an economical coverage that provides an extra layer of liability. Basically, it picks up where your auto and homeowners liability leaves off. It also protects your recreational vehicles like motor-homes, trailers, ATVs, boats, golf carts, etc.

In the end, an umbrella insurance policy can save you huge amounts of money in the event of a large judgment against you.

Who Needs an Umbrella Insurance Policy?

  • Anyone with assets
  • Families with young drivers
  • Owners of boats or personal watercraft
  • Anyone with a swimming pool
  • Rental property owners
  • Owners of recreational vehicles

How Much Does an Umbrella Insurance Policy Cost?

Umbrella insurance policies are economical and can run as low as $150 per year! Pricing is dependent on the number of properties, vehicles, drivers, etc.

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