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Learn: RV Insurance

Insurance Center Associates

No matter what kind of RV you own—motorhome, trailer, or camper—knowing you’re covered will give you the peace of mind to relax and enjoy your journey.

Since your RV is your home away from home, choosing the right RV insurance policy for your needs is important.  Your basic auto insurance policy won't be enough.   A good Recreational Vehicle (RV) insurance policy will include coverage that protects you and your guests while traveling, as well as coverage that protects your vehicle when it is parked or stored.

A Recreational Vehicle Insurance policy will  cover the basics like your Auto Insurance would, but extends to cover personal belonings, contents, trip interuption, even special towing options are available.

Finding the right insurance plan

If your RV is motorized (a motorhome) you need a policy similar to an Auto policy but with some special endorsements to meet your needs.   In fact you may even get a discount on both your Auto and RV Insurance  if you insure both with the same carrier!

For towable trailers / 5th wheels / Pop-up’s there are similar policies with a few differences, as some liability coverage may transfer from the towing vehicle (but only while being towed).

Remember – your RV is basically a “miniature rolling house.” You have a lot in it, and a lot to lose.

A good RV policy will allow you to choose the following coverages:

  • Basic Liability – Even if you are not moving along the highway, someone can get hurt in, on, or around your RV.
  • Medical Payments – pays for treatment of guest who are injured regardless of fault.

Optional policy options

  • Physical Damage – protects your investment in case of collision, theft, fires vandalism, hail, and more.
  • Replacement Cost/Purchase Price – In the event of a total loss, you will receive a new unit equal to the model, class, body type and equipment of your previous one. You will be compensated for the actual purchase price of the vehicle.
  • Contents & Personal Effects – Your house wares & valuables (clothing, jewelry, etc.) may be covered against most hazards.
  • Trip Interruption – Coverage for hotel, transportation, etc if you are stranded.
  • Towing – Labor – Emergency Expense coverage can offset expenses when stranded.

Other coverage’s you may want to discuss with your agent are

  • Towing and Labor
  • Emergency Expense

Special discounts for RV insurance may apply if

  • You insure with the same carrier as your auto insurance or home insurance.
  • You are more than 45 years old
  • Gave a good driving record
  • You complete a safety course
  • Get licensed (motorcycle)
  • Join a Club (Good Sam, Harley owners, etc.

If you unit is towed, check your auto policy for:

  • What are my liability limits?
  • Do they transfer while I am towing a vehicle
  • Are they enough?
  • Check GVR limits – this could exclude your RV based on weight
  • Remember Liability is not extended when not being towed.

At Insurance Center Assocaites, We have great RV Insurance at low cost.   Your agent can provide you with more details about RV insurance and guide you in purchasing the best coverage to maximize your enjoyment and meet the insurance needs for your recreation equipment.