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Did you know?

Wildfires can occur in almost every state. Usually, they strike in the West, but nearly every state has suffered damage from wildfires at some point in the last century. And wildfires destroy over a hundred homes a year.

If you live close to nature, you should consider contacting Insurance Center Associates to find out if you’re covered in the event of a wildfire. We offer affordable policies that cover repair and rebuilding costs, as well as living expenses for up to 12 months if you must vacate your home.

In the meantime, follow these tips to ensure you and your family’s safety and financial security before, during, and after a wildfire.

Before a wildfire:

  • Define a 30-foot, non-combustible zone around your home.
  • Choose fire-resistant plants and trees for your yard.
  • Prune and remove low hanging branches.
  • Recycle yard waste and branches instead of burning.
  • Stack wood piles 30 feet from your home.

During a wildfire:

  • Monitor local new reports for evacuation procedures.
  • Turn off gas valves and pilot lights.
  • Close windows and doors.
  • Pack car for a quick departure.

After a wildfire:

  • Report damage to your property to your insurance agent as soon as possible.
  • Make temporary repairs to avoid further damage.
  • Save all receipts.
  • Check your policy to see what’s covered.