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Health Insurance

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Health Insurance

Covering Individual Health Insurance or Individual Dental Insurance is a specialty we offer. However, with Health Care Reform, navigating the health insurance minefield is both daunting and overwhelming.

Tax implications, Subsidies, Benefits and Provider Networks are even more important today.

We can make it easy as we specialize in Health and Dental insurance for individuals as well as small business (2-50), self employed and medium (less than 100 employee) groups.

DON'T MAKE THE WRONG CHOICE. Please call us before you APPLY or do anything with your current coverage. We can help advise you on your best course of action.

Types of plans

There are several major types of plans. HMO plans generally provide high benefit / less choice, while PPO plans can have deductibles and co-payments but provide more choice. EPO plans (a hybrid between PPO choice & a managed HMO) are new options, HSA (Health Savings Accounts) continue to be a popular option where you purchase a “high deductible plan” and pay for your “basic / under deductible” plan with a tax reducing savings account you can open with the bank of your choice.


Covered California - Your Destination for Affordable Health Care

We represent all the major local and nationwide players from Covered California, Kaiser to Aetna, to Blue Cross / Blue Shield, with Health Net & more in-between. We’ll provide your instant low cost health insurance rates for all carriers as well as side-by-side comparative rates and benefit comparisons for you or your group health insurance needs.

In or Out?

Should you go to an exchange / Marketplace plan such as “Covered California” or buy from a carrier?

If you qualify for a healthcare subsidy (tax credit paid in advance) it is only available if you select a plan through and exchange / marketplace such as “Covered California”. To qualify your combined family income must be under 400% of the poverty level. Here is a calculator to help you determine if you qualify. There are other variables and credits towards deductibles, etc. Call us for more information.

Even if you qualify, and especially if you don’t, there are other choices. Additional plans and larger provider networks available outside the marketplace. These are also guaranteed issue during open enrollment or with a qualifying event. In addition, You may also want to consider keeping your current “grandfathered” policy.

YOUR MOST IMPORTANT STEP. Please call us before you apply or do anything with your current coverage. We can help advise you on your best course of action.

As an independent agent we represent all the major local and nationwide players from Covered California, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, along with Health Net, Kaiser & more in-between.

We’ll be there for you, provide answers, and a instant low cost health insurance rates for all carriers.

For more information, check out our helpful page on Health Care Reform.

Do It Yourself

Want to do it yourself? You can get and compare competitive health or dental quotes right here on our website. Need help – we’re just a call or chat away.

Need Help?

As you will see, the number of health insurance plans we offer is great, but can be overwhelming. Which one is right for you? Do you qualify for a subsidy? Should you purchase an "Exchange / Marketplace plan"? What doctors are available?

We are happy to help you sort out and recommend a range of plans you can compare side by side that may fit your needs and expectations.

Some of the Benefit Plans we offer are:

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