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Property Loss

Insurance Center Associates

If you have a property insurance loss:

  1. Your first responsibility is to prevent further damage/loss.
    Stop leaks, turn off water, Tarp roof, lock doors, etc.
  2. Promptly report the loss.
    Report the loss to us or to the carrier. Not only are there strict time limits on reporting, but the faster you do this, the faster the carrier can respond and get you "back to normal."
  3. Protect property from further damage by arranging for reasonable temporary repairs.
    • Board up windows and doors to protect against vandalism, theft, or weather damage.
    • For severe water damage, call an emergency repair service to prevent further damage.
      Scroll down for contact info.
  4. Inspect your property.
    Make sure you are safe (locks, deadbolts, unstable damage, etc.).
  5. DO NOT make permanent repairs or authorize other work until the adjuster can see the damage.
  6. Keep an accurate record of any temporary repair expenses so you can submit them to your adjuster.
  7. Determine the damage/loss of your personal/business property (contents).
    Make a written list. Include make/model and cost if known.
  8. Separate damaged & undamaged property.
    Do not discard damaged property. If possible, place in a secure area until you speak with your claims adjuster. In order to make a full assessment, the carrier may need to inspect all damaged property.
  9. Theft losses
    You must report all thefts to your local police department and obtain a copy of the report number for the carrier.
  10. Severe Damage
    Your policy may include coverage to temporarily relocate. Talk to your agent or adjuster to discuss your options.

Call on us. As your agent, we are here to assist you in every way possible. Please don't hesitate to call should you have questions, need assistance, or are having problems with the process.

We are available during our normal business hours (content) at:

  • 310-832-5311 ( office)
  • 310-517-8255 ( office)

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Emergency Service & Repair

Your adjuster should be able to help you with service and repair recommendations. Here is some additional information that may help.

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Other areas

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