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Driving Courses

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Take a class – Save 15% on auto insurance

In many states, drivers are able to take online “driving courses” that can lead to significant cuts in auto-insurance premiums and other costs.

These courses are essentially “refresher courses” in defensive driving and good driving habits, or special courses for young drivers. Courses have been previously been available via the classroom but now several companies and states are offering on-line driving courses. Generally, participants log on and find themselves in an animated onscreen world, motoring along a “virtual” road, where they come across various driving situations that test their knowledge and skills — and give them a “driver’s re-education” along the way.

In some states, after completing the course, motorists receive a discount of anywhere from 5-15% on the price of their insurance premiums. The discounts typically last for three years, and then the motorist has to re-take the course to qualify for another discount.

Among the companies and organizations who design the online courses are:

The costs of the online courses vary, but the fee is typically about $50, compared to an average cost of $20 to $40 for the classroom course.

The online courses can companies vary from state to state so you need to check with your agent, carrier, or the DMV to see what courses are approved. In some states it is available for teens or mature drivers only. For example, courses for drivers aged 55 and over are available in 12 states, including California, Washington, Colorado, Florida and Nevada.

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