A Quick Look at MADD


Oct 15, 2012

A Quick Look at MADD


MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) is a major force for change when it comes to traffic laws and societal acceptance of drunken driving. Drunk driving kills over 10,000 people per year in the United States alone- with the drunk drivers often killing people who were completely upholding the law.


Countless lives have been shattered by drunk driving, and it is a problem to be majorly concerned about. MADD was founded in direct response to drunk driving, after the daughter of the initial founder was killed by a drunken driver.


Since its inception, MADD has become more and more prominent, becoming one of the most easily recognizable forces and advocacy groups existing in the United States. Along with supporting legislation seeking for more high profile police office working traffic and doling out punishments, the group also seeks to install breathalyzer devices in the cars of convicted offenders, as well as seeking legislation requiring cars to not start if there is any alcohol detected.


MADD is not only an organization devoted to fighting drunk driving however- they are also an advocacy and service oriented group. As a victim advocacy group for those affected by drunk driving, this organization fields thousands of calls a year in order to point victims toward effective legal means.


MADD is also an advocacy group that seeks to educate the public, as well as creating campaigns aimed at showing people the effects of their actions. As a force for change and justice, they are defiantly unique.


For more information about this great organization, please visit their website here.

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