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Natures Reminder

Mar 17 2014 Recently we all got a little reminder about where we live. Earthquake country! ..and also one darn beautiful summer like, let's spend the day at the pool, backyard or amazing beach week, while much of the rest of the... more

The Most Important Thing to Take When You Go Boating

Mar 7 2014 A good sailor is always prepared for anything, so what is the single most important thing to bring with you when you go out on the high seas? Is it a life jacket? A good set of ropes? Those things are definitely... more

What to Do After a Water Loss or Indoor Flood

Mar 6 2014 Stop the water! Shut off the main water valve immediately. It’s not a bad idea to make sure everyone in your home knows where the shutoff valve is located. Remove area rugs from the floor. The dyes in the... more

Buckle Your Baby

Feb 28 2014 You wouldn’t send your kid rocketing off on a rollercoaster without safety restraints, right? Well, perhaps even more irresponsible than that is letting them cruise in your car without the proper safety equipment.... more

Commercial Liability Insurance: A Must-Have for Your Business

Feb 23 2014 Whether you operate a small business with a handful of employees, or you’re a conglomerate with an army of workers, you need commercial liability insurance. What is Commercial Liability Insurance? Basically,... more

Flood Insurance: Do I Need It?

Feb 20 2014 Only about 20 percent of homeowners carry flood insurance, and the majority of those who do are required to because they live in a federally designated flood zone. So why do so many people decide to go without flood... more

5 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Car

Feb 17 2014 To some people, cars are mindless slave machines that exist to serve. To others, their cars are their babies--they have names and personalities and are the center of their owner's life. Regardless of your own personal... more

Common Life Insurance Myths

Feb 13 2014 Like with seemingly everything else in this world, there are a number of myths that have been erroneously attached to life insurance policies, and their spreading has caused many to miss out on the distinct advantages... more

Why Business Insurance?

Jan 27 2014 It makes sense that a large corporation would want to have business insurance to protect its ample assets. But does a small company, perhaps with only a handful of employees, really need to be covered? The answer is a... more

3 Tips to Get Over That Cold

Jan 16 2014 It’s probably safe to assume that nobody enjoys having a cold. It can leave you stuffy and coughing for days, and feeling like there’s no relief in sight. But have no fear! These 3 tips will help you... more

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