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What Is Commercial Insurance?

Apr 11 2018 Have you heard the term “commercial insurance” before? Do you want to have a solid understanding of how it can protect your business? If so, read on.Defining Commercial Insurance  Commercial insurance is insurance that... more

4 Reasons Why You Should Have Home Insurance

Mar 12 2018 Buying a home is a huge financial investment. While it’s well worth it to have a comfortable and safe place for your family to live, owning a home doesn’t come completely risk-free. Because life happens, having the... more

4 Tips for Finding the Right Home Insurance Plan

Feb 28 2018 Sadly, it only takes one terrible moment to end up with nothing. Your house and everything inside has significant value attached to it and in the event of a theft, fire, flood, earthquake, or accident, your life will... more

Determining Your Business Insurance Needs

Feb 28 2018 Most small businesses are on a tight budget, but that doesn’t mean cutting out insurance is a good way to balance the books. Many types of insurance are required by law...for good reason. But what about optional... more

Cover the Risks: How to Customize Your Commercial Insurance

Feb 14 2018 Whether your business property experiences a minor hiccup or a truly catastrophic event, commercial insurance is a must for protecting all of your business’ financial assets. Sure, you can certainly purchase a one-size-... more

How to Prepare for Rockslides in San Pedro

Jan 31 2018 When you live near or on hills, slopes, or mountains, a major risk can be rockslides due to flooding or earthquakes. Rockslides, or landslides, are when rock, mud, dirt, and earth start to flow down a slope. Yearly,... more

Flooding and Mudslides Insurance: How to Be Prepared

Jan 17 2018 When looking for the perfect family home, worries about flooding and mudslides may not be at the top of your list of concerns, but taking that type of thing seriously may save you a lot time, money, and heartache.... more

Wildfire Insurance: What You Need to Know

Oct 1 2017 Not a rare occurrence (especially in California), a wildfire can cause tremendous damage to any structure in its fiery path. Uncontrolled fire can quickly wipe out large areas of land before it extinguishes. Entire... more

When to File a Car Insurance Claim

Sep 25 2017 A Breakdown of what to Do When Your Car is Damaged Spending money fixing cars and on car insurance is never fun. Insurance Center Associates is here to help make it as easy as possible. When we’re talking about auto... more

Identity Theft: What Is It, and What Can You Do to Protect Yourself?

Sep 20 2017 Identity theft is a serious, yet often mysterious problem. There’s a lot of buzz around the topic, usually in the form of businesses telling us they should pay for their identity theft protection services. But it’s rare... more

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