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8 Steps For Writing A Will

Mar 11 2016   Writing a will can be a daunting task for many people. Determining what is to happen with your valuable belongings and thinking about the welfare of your loved ones after you’re gone can be stressful. Perhaps this is... more

All You Need to Know About Insurance Fraud

Feb 22 2016 In January, 2016, four individuals working in Ohio were charged with and plead guilty to committing insurance fraud against Ohio’s Workers’ Compensation system. In February, 2016, a Florida woman was arrested for the... more

Insuring Man’s Best Friend: A Guide to Pet Insurance

Feb 16 2016 Your pet is there for you through the good times and bad, so shouldn’t you be there for them, too? As much as you hope you’ll never be faced with a sick or injured pet, when it does happens it can be devastating if you... more

Should I Insure My Child’s College Tuition?

Sep 22 2015 Did you know that for the 2014-2015 school year the average cost of college tuition was $31,231 for a private college, $9,139 for in-state residents and $22,958 for out-of-state attendees at public universities? For... more

3 Myths of Life Insurance

Jul 21 2015   A recent study reported that more than 95 million adult Americans do not own life insurance at all, and those who do have life insurance don’t have enough. While the most common reason for lack of insurance is the... more

5 Ways to Keep Your Auto Insurance Low

Jun 30 2015   Though owning a car is a convenient, luxurious custom that we, in the United States, have welcomed with open arms, it doesn’t come with a cheap price tag. In fact, in 2011 the average American paid nearly $9,000 per... more

3 Easy Steps to Determining How Much Life Insurance You Need

Jun 9 2015   When you purchase a car or home, finding the right insurance is a natural part of an exciting process. However, finding life insurance can be a completely different experience. Not only is placing a price tag on your... more

Top Ten Auto Insurance Myths

May 26 2015   1. Car color matters Are red cars more expensive to insure because they get pulled over more often than other colored cars? Nope. Your insurance company won’t take car color into consideration when it determines... more

Everything You Need To Know About Insurance Fraud

May 19 2015   The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud estimates that nearly $80 billion in fraudulent insurance claims are made in the U.S. every year. Though this approximated value includes every type of insurance, it is expected... more

Your Guide To RV Insurance

Apr 15 2015 Owning a recreational vehicle (RV) makes it easy to travel all over the country without giving up many of the comforts of home. An RV makes traveling more affordable and convenient. Protect your vehicle and your... more

What’s the Difference Between Term and Whole Life Insurance?

Mar 25 2015 Deciding between whole life and term insurance can be difficult and quite frankly confusing; your decision should be determined by your needs. The following explain some of the differences, values, downfalls, etc. of... more

When do I need Landlord Insurance?

Mar 11 2015 Getting ready to move into a rental? Or maybe you have just finished your house or basement and you are preparing to rent it out. Knowing about landlord insurance before you do either of these things is of great... more

Insider Tips To Help You Save Money On Auto Insurance

Feb 17 2015 Auto insurance is a necessity, but that doesn’t mean it has to be an expensive necessity. There are plenty of simple ways to save money on auto insurance without sacrificing protection or peace of mind. Use the... more

Do I Need to Insure my Boat Year-Round?

Jan 22 2015 Boat insurance is a necessary protection for your summer recreation, but what about when the boating season is over? Does it make sense to keep your boat insured if it’s just going to sit there in storage? Surprisingly,... more

4 Surprising Perks Of Hiring An Independent Insurance Agency

Jan 15 2015 You have no plans to flood your basement, break your arm, or get in a car accident tomorrow—but unfortunately anyone could find herself in the midst of an unexpected emergency. You can’t control Mother Nature or those... more

How Does Adding A Driver Affect My Insurance?

Dec 4 2014 Teaching your teenagers how to drive can feel like you’re embarking on a dangerous journey to Mordor with only your insurance to protect you. When your teenagers are driving on their own, you want your insurance to... more

Insurance: 16 Things to do Before You Die

May 10 2012         One of the most important things that you can do in life is prepare for your death. While this may not be an entirely cheery proposition to consider, there is a lot to life which people need to take care of,... more

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