Safe Winter Travel


Dec 13, 2013

Driving through the snow can be dangerous for anyone, especially people coming from warm climates to cold ones for the holidays.  If this is your first winter traveling in the snow, keep these tips in mind as you brave those whitewashed roads!

Go Slow

Snow and ice are slick.  When walking on slippery surfaces, you naturally slow down.  The same goes for driving.  Go slow!  (But not too slow – you need momentum to keep a grip on the road.)  Be especially careful approaching stops and taking curves and corners.  You should start slowing down twice as soon as you would in regular road conditions. 

Pack Your Back

Especially for cars with 2-wheel drive, loading weight into the back of your car will help you keep a better grip on the road.  Load up your trunk with big bags of rock salt or other heavy items. 

Safety Kit

Pack a winter safety kit in your car.  If you ever get stuck in a snow drift, run out of gas, or slide off the road, you will need some emergency supplies.  Make sure you have water, extra clothing, a blanket, food, a flashlight, a cell phone, radio, and a first aid kit.  If you ever do get stuck in a remote area, stay in your car!  Make sure your exhaust pipe is unblocked, then stay inside.  Don’t wander around in the freezing cold.  Let help come to you.

Follow these simple safety tips and enjoy a safe, snowy ride to your holiday destination!

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