Making This Father’s Day Special


Jun 14, 2013

Making This Father’s Day Special

Father’s Day is this weekend! Sunday, to be exact. If you haven’t figured out what you are going to do for your old man yet, don’t worry! You still have some time to create or purchase a fabulous Father’s Day gift.

Here is quick guide to making sure your father feels appreciated this Sunday…


  1. Get a gift card for your dad so he can eat out at his favorite restaurant for dinner or lunch.
  2. Find his favorite movie, his favorite movie snack and a new blanket for him and wrap them all together.
  3. If your dad loves grilling, get him a quality carving knife that he can use every time he fires up the grill.
  4. Have some memorable pictures of you and your dad printed and framed. They can be a great desk decoration or even put up in your home.
  5. Buy tickets for you and him to go to his favorite team’s opening game, closing game or just a game you know he would love to watch.


You still have a few days to get together your father’s day gift. Most importantly, make sure that your father knows how much you love and appreciate him. Make an effort to show this love and appreciation throughout the year, but especially on this day. Take time out of your life to talk with him, visit him and enjoy some time together. If you can’t spend the day together, give your dad a call. Let him know that you miss him, love him and wish you could be with him to celebrate!

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