New Year’s Eve Safety Tips


Jan 2, 2013

New Year’s Eve Safety Tips

It is so incredibly important to be safe throughout the New Year. There are a lot of opportunities for accident and injury on December 31st. You want to avoid every single one to make sure you enjoy the festivities.

If you go to a party where you know there will be alcohol, commit not to drink, or keep your drinking sensible and designate a sober driver. Drunk driving kills thousands of innocent people every year. That’s a truly sobering notion when you stop to consider that every single one of those deaths was preventable, if only the driver had been responsible with their drinking. For that reason, if you’re drinking this holiday season, please ensure that you will get home safely.

For those not drinking, try to find ways to stay at home this season. Not everyone will be driving safely. Even though there may not be a drunk driver in your way, there could be a drowsy driver, and even a drowsy driver can be a dangerous one. It’s just easier and safer to stay inside on this day. If you’re comfortable with your neighbors, invite them over to celebrate with you. You could strengthen a few good friendships that will improve your quality of life throughout the following year.

If you light fireworks, be careful with them. Read the precautions listed and follow directions wherever possible. Use legal fireworks and follow city ordinances to ensure you don’t endanger you or anyone around you.

If you do decide to leave the house, be sure everyone that comes with you has someone they’re responsible for. Use the buddy system to ensure no one goes off by themselves. If you have a live Christmas tree, check to make sure the tree is still alive before you leave the Christmas lights on for the evening. A dry tree can easily catch fire and you’d be out of luck in no time.

Have a safe and enjoyable New Year’s!

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