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Fireplace Safety

Dec 30 2013 Winter comes and it comes fast. If you are looking at saving money and making sure that you are still warm, a fireplace can be a great choice. While it can bring warmth and savings to your home it can actually bring... more

Holiday Safety for Your Kids

Dec 20 2013 As the Holiday season rolls around, you may find yourself preparing for the excitement of the days to come in a variety of different ways.  But as you prepare for a fun and full holiday season, don’t forget to keep your... more

Make Sure Your Pets Travel Well for the Holidays

Dec 19 2013 The holiday season is here - time to eat good food and join together with loved ones. For many who have families far away, this is also is the time to pack up and get out of California. If you are gearing up to travel... more

Safe Winter Travel

Dec 13 2013 Driving through the snow can be dangerous for anyone, especially people coming from warm climates to cold ones for the holidays.  If this is your first winter traveling in the snow, keep these tips in mind as you brave... more

Health Care Whiplash

Nov 22 2013 Confused as to whether or not your current  Health plan will be cancelled or not ? The pendulum has swung back and forth so much over the last two weeks that most of us have been left with whiplash! Here’s the short... more

HealthCare Changes Again!

Nov 19 2013 Late last week, President Obama announced a “fix” to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that would allow individual policyholders to retain their current health care coverage.  A number of current products are already... more

Creating an Emergency Preparedness Kit

Nov 13 2013 There’s nothing scarier than being caught in an emergency unprepared - especially when you are all alone and in the middle of nowhere. Knowing how fickle cars can be sometimes, it could happen to you at any time, no... more

Save Energy = Save Money

Nov 1 2013 As the title might suggest, an easy way to help save you money simply involves using less energy.  While you can still enjoy the benefits of modern conveniences, doing so in an energy-conscious fashion will make that... more

Make Football Season Fun and Safe

Oct 30 2013 Finally, we're welcoming fall, that eagerly anticipated season when we get to enjoy cooler temps, colorful leaves and, of course, football season in California. Football brings with it a whole host of seasonal... more

Are you Getting Enough Exercise Each Day?

Oct 25 2013 When it comes to exercising, we often times don’t feel that we have the time each day to fit it in. We don't necessarily need to go to the gym for hours each day to get a good work out, but finding a few minutes each... more

Emergency Evacuation Planning

Oct 16 2013 Hurricane season is winding down and Mother Nature is preparing to cool things off as fall fades into winter.  Weather patterns are constantly shifting, as are the tectonic plates moving imperceptibly beneath our feet. ... more

Understanding Health Care Reform

Oct 10 2013 Since the health care reform bill was passed in March 2010, it has continued to remain a mystery to many how it will affect them personally. Even the name of the bill has remained ambiguous. That is because it has two... more

Fitness Tips for the Unfit

Sep 25 2013 Are you just not built to be fit? When you’ve tried to do the exercise and diet things in the past, did you find them impossible to do? When you thought about sprinting, you started sweating. Whenever you opened your... more

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The Importance of Protecting Your Vehicle

Sep 13 2013 Everyday someone in America becomes a victim of car theft, vehicle burglary, or damage to a car from thieves striping parts from the car for sale to chop shops.  And in fact, the numbers from a recent study indicate... more

Tips on How to Get More From Your Day

Sep 6 2013 Nearly everyone desires to be more productive throughout their day, simply because most people live such busy lives.  With all of the responsibilities and tasks that mature and responsible adults must tackle every day,... more

Healthcare Reform Is Here

Sep 3 2013 Healthcare Reform has arrived, yet there are still a lot of questions and Insurance Center Associates is here to help! When does it all start? October 1st, 2013, is the start of enrollment for Individual Guaranteed... more

Tips for Your First Year at College

Aug 30 2013 College can be a scary place. Make sure you are prepared for the adventure that lies ahead!  College life is a much bigger adjustment than a lot of people take it for.  Not only are classes a lot harder than they were... more

Tips on Finding Your Dream Car

Aug 6 2013 If you are in the position to be shopping for your dream car, it may be a little more overwhelming than you imagined. With so many different options and features, it can be hard to make a decision. To ensure you are... more

Quality Time With Loved Ones

Aug 5 2013 Spending quality time with the people that are most important to you can be easy to push to the backburner. With a to-do list a mile long and running from one activity to the next, it can be hard to make time for the... more

Firework Safety Tips

Jul 26 2013 As the middle of summer is upon us and as the nation’s birthday recently passes us, it is important to remember firework safety tips.  Fireworks are a beloved part of summer and an integral aspect in how we as Americans... more

Saving on Business Insurance

Jul 19 2013 For many individuals, one of the key components of the fabled American Dream is building a successful business.  Creating, developing, and maintaining a successful business has been the life work of many individuals and... more

Keep Business Flowing in Summer

Jul 11 2013 Keep Business Flowing in Summer Summer time is perhaps the hardest time of year to motivate your employees to do anything. Increased waking hours combined with the opportunities warmer temperatures bring and memories... more

Keeping the Electric Bills Down

Jul 3 2013 Keeping the Electric Bills Down As the summer heats up across the nation, there are more and more homeowners who are realizing that the rising heat is directly adding to their electricity bills.  While some may think... more

How to Spot a Bad Mechanic

Jul 1 2013 How to Spot a Bad Mechanic   When you know that you have to have your car fixed by a mechanic, it can be nerve wracking to try and find someone that will be honest with the repairs that need to be done. If you do not... more

Blueberries are the Best

Jun 21 2013 Blueberries are the Best June is National Blueberries Month! We know what you’re thinking, “Blueberries? Really? They’re good and all, but are they really that important that there should be a month honoring them?”... more

Making This Father’s Day Special

Jun 14 2013 Making This Father’s Day Special Father’s Day is this weekend! Sunday, to be exact. If you haven’t figured out what you are going to do for your old man yet, don’t worry! You still have some time to create or... more

Build an Emergency Car Kit

Jun 7 2013 Build an Emergency Car Kit You never know when you’ll get stranded when driving your car. As such, it is a very good idea for you to create an emergency car kit. You can make your own kit fairly quickly, and store it... more

Fruits and Veggies Perfect for Spring

May 31 2013 Fruits and Veggies Perfect for Spring June is declared the National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month! Proper consumption of each of these means living a better, longer life. Each type of fruit or vegetable is packed... more

The Do’s and Don’ts of BBQ Safety

May 23 2013 The Do’s and Don’ts of BBQ Safety Many may not know it, but May is National BBQ month.  As the transitional month from spring to summer, it is fitting that May be the nation’s month to remember, and even celebrate,... more

Wedding Insurance Guide

May 15 2013 Wedding Insurance Guide   As the summer time approaches, so too do many happy couples’ wedding dates.  The summer season is the season of love and with that comes many planned wedding ceremonies, receptions, and open... more

Insuring Mom’s Jewels for Mother’s Day

May 7 2013 Insuring Mom’s Jewels for Mother’s Day If you’re old enough to be reading this post than you’re probably old enough to be beyond making a Mother’s Day card with crayons and construction paper. She would probably... more

Springtime Migration to the Lakes and Campgrounds

Apr 23 2013 Springtime Migration to the Lakes and Campgrounds    Springtime is a reawakening for mankind. It’s the time of year when people can be seen poking their noses out of their front doors, taking a big whiff of warm air,... more

5 Steps to De-stress Your Life

Apr 17 2013 5 Steps to De-stress Your Life April is National Stress Awareness Month. Stress is one of the fundamental emotions we feel. Stress is created when performance does not match expectations. For instance, stress is... more

Spring Freedom: Motorcycle Safety Reminders

Apr 10 2013 Spring Freedom: Motorcycle Safety Reminders Winter has been renounced and spring welcomed in. To some, this means flowers, bright colors, and cleaning schedules will soon be filling their days. To others that know... more

It's Time for Spring Cleaning!

Apr 8 2013 Spring is a time of new beginnings in San Pedro – and now is a great time to take on some cleaning and organization tasks around your home. If you’re anything like many of us here at Insurance Center, some of these... more

Driving Safely This Easter

Mar 19 2013 Driving Safely This Easter Holidays mean people are heading home to spend time with their family. It doesn’t matter if it’s Christmas, New Year’s, or Easter. People want to be with family when they can and make the... more

Favorite Foods of National Nutrition Month

Mar 7 2013 Favorite Foods of National Nutrition Month March is national nutrition month, who would have guessed!? What are you doing to celebrate? Your eating habits will have a huge effect on your health levels and choosing to... more

Life Insurance: A Few Things to Consider

Feb 28 2013 Life Insurance: A Few Things to Consider Buying life insurance can be a confusing ordeal. You don’t know what’s good and what’s not. Figuring out what you need and what you don’t is a difficult task when all you have... more

Meet Stacey - Our Last iPAD Winner

Feb 13 2013 We just wanted to let you know how you can win some great prizes from us, your favorite insurance agent. To see a video of our last winner, check out the YouTube video below! This year we have some great prizes and... more

Got Some Bling from a Loved One?

Feb 13 2013 Did you buy or were the recipient of something special or some bling from your sweetheart or even for yourself? Most polices provide a very limited amount of Jewelry coverage anywhere ranging between $1,500 to $3,000... more

Why Do Car Accidents Happen?

Feb 5 2013 Feb. 5, 2013 Why Do Car Accidents Happen? Every time that you start up your car and head out on the road, you should be well prepared for your drive. You are trusting drivers around you to obey traffic laws and... more

Benefits of Being Physically Active

Jan 18 2013 Benefits of Being Physically Active   We all know that it is important to exercise on a consistent basis and exercising consistently is often on people’s lists of New Year’s resolutions. If you are not exercising... more

Top Distractions for Drivers

Jan 16 2013 Top Distractions for Drivers   We all know how to be good drivers. If you think about your Drivers’ Ed classes, you can probably remember how to properly place your hands and focus on the road in front of you.  It is... more

Road Rage

Jan 14 2013 Road Rage It is told that two wealthy business men in the same town bought the first two automobiles to be brought to the town.  In the days still dominated by horse and buggy, somehow these two proud owners of the... more

New Year’s Eve Safety Tips

Jan 2 2013 New Year’s Eve Safety Tips It is so incredibly important to be safe throughout the New Year. There are a lot of opportunities for accident and injury on December 31st. You want to avoid every single one to make sure... more

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