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What does a disability income policy do?

Disability income is a form of health insurance that is designed to provide you with an income during the time you are unable to work due to illness or injury.

How long can I collect under a disability income policy?

Policy provisions vary, as do the premiums depending upon which provisions you choose. Generally the policy will specify a maximum period of time it will pay for a covered disability. Typical policy terms are for two years, five years, or to age 65. If during that time you recover from the disability and return to work, the policy will provide that a new disability will start a new benefit period. For example, if under a five year disability policy, you meet the definition of disability for three years, then return to work, the policy will have paid you three years worth of benefits. Four years later you suffer a new disability. For that new disability, your policy will pay benefits for up to five full years.

Must I be disabled for a certain length of time before my disability benefits begin?

Typically a disability policy will provide for some length of time the disability must last before benefits begin. This is usually referred to as a waiting period. Similar to a deductible under major medical insurance, the purpose is to avoid paying benefits for minor injuries or illnesses, thus saving the insurance to apply to major times of need. The length of the waiting period can vary, and usually you will have several options. Clearly the longer you are willing to wait, the lower the premium. Your Trusted Choice® agent can discuss your available options with you.

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